About Us

1. More queer voices merit publishing than get published.
2. Queer storytelling is intergenerational memory.
3. In telling history, place is as important as time.
4. Photocopiers are a powerful and practical tool for DIY publishing.
5. Own the means of production and share it.
6. No publication is too short.

Scope Note:

We publish non-fiction, erotica, and informal research-based writing. We are interested in local queer history, community libraries, community archives, queer archival collections, queer textiles, queer artists, oral history, local walking tours, queer place/space, overlooked stories, DIY culture, queer correspondence, the obscene, and the absurd.

Publications can take many formats, not limited to zines, pamphlets, and facsimiles using typewriters, photocopiers, and ephemeral inclusions.

We are not a literary press; poetry and fiction fall out of our scope.