Better Homes & Dykes Vol. 1 Issue 1 - Fall 2023


A print-only quarterly newsletter started by two Twin Cities dykes who love community & print media. Our numerous collaborator cuties are credited in each issue! We cover topics like astrology, sports, and queer history. Packed with content like media reviews, laundry advice, handy butch tutorials, games & more! Includes bonus zine offered in collaboration with Low Kling (@yolowzines) titled "In the land of 10,000 bottoms, is there a top shortage?" Better Homes & Dykes is for dykes & those who love them - anyone who identifies with this reclaimed term.

Published by Elli Vega & S. Hansen with various contributors; cover art by Allison Anne (@allisonannecollage)
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 8.5x11"
Binding: stapled
Process: photocopied
Color: b&w

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