Own the Means of Production and Share It

$10.00 - $20.00

An essay about sharing our copy equipment with strangers--why it's been a great experience, a couple of the (inevitable) drawbacks, and why we need to normalize resource sharing. The first zine in a series called "Shaping the Arts," about labor conditions, organizing, and resource sharing among artists. Updated with information about leasing or buying a new photocopier if you are an artist.

"One main issue artists face is access to capital. Often we lack the overhead to do big projects or invest upfront in equipment. It's not like you can go to the bank and get a photocopier loan. Many artists are entrepreneurs or micro-businesses, whose needs are too small or strange to be taken seriously, even though our business models function surprisingly well ... there is probably no artists who doesn't offer favors to other artists (and call favors in). But what I'm advocating for is building containers for this kind of exchange with people we don't know very well or at all ... instead of begging for capital from a grant funder, or a bank, or a rich uncle, we become each other's access to capital. When artists pool resources in small ways that add up, artist lives become more sustainable."

By India Johnson
Late Night Copies Press, June 2023
Series: Shaping the Arts
Pages: 8
Dimensions: 7x8.5"
Cover: copier paper
Binding: stapled
Process: photocopied
Color: full color and monocolor

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a handful of other artist/publishers who are starting community print shops have stocked up on this zine to hand out. If that sounds like you and you want 5+ copies email us ([email protected]) and we'll get you wholesale pricing.

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